Non-Emergency Medical Transportation SERVICE

To have dependable and promising transportation when visiting your doctor’s office is one of the most important things to ensure that you don’t miss your appointment or reach at the doctor’s office late. A huge number of US citizens due to not having reliable means of transportation either miss their meeting with the doctor or get late. Many aged citizens aren’t able to drive themselves to the doctors office while many find NEMT very expensive and believe that many NEMT service providers do not have the expertise in how to handle and transport a patient.

Bridgewater Limousine ensures that great professional care is taken of the patients during their travel and the patients reach their doctor’s office on time, safely, smoothly and comfortably. If you are a medical office which ensures extreme care for its patients and want to have outstanding NEMT services, Bridgewater Limousine’s NEMT Service is the best option for you and your patients.

Dependable and Courteous Drivers

Bridewater Limousine realizes that many patients require exceptional care and supervision during the travel because of their health. Drivers at BW Limo are super caring, respectful and courteous and ensure that extra care is taken of the patients at all times. Our chauffeurs are trained to handle patients and aged citizens to ensure top-notch care. They are educated and well-trained on how to drive when transporting a patient and they make sure the drive is smooth and comfortable for the patients while ensuring they reach their appointments on time.

Ideal Fleet of Vehicles for NEMT

Bridgewater Limousine owns the perfect fleet of vehicles that is ideal for non-emergency medical transportation. We have immaculate town cars, comfortable sedans and top-notch SUV’s to provide with utmost care and timely transportation.

Let your Doctors have a Reliable and Luxury Limousine service

It’s very normal how doctors travel to different hospitals, cities/states to see your patients at your medical facility. Let Bridgewater Limousine handle their transportation to and from the airports to your hospitals. We can be of service if your doctors are coming through JFK, LGA, EWR, TEB and transport them safely to your hospital in a comfortable and luxury limo.

What about pricing?

Don’t worry. We provide very nice deals and the most competative price just for you!
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