Covid-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Preventive measures by Bridgewater Limousine
Even though NJ STAR LIMO has always been big on cleanliness of the vehicles, COVID-19 made us take an extra step when it comes to safety precautions and we’ve taken the measures to an extreme.

Bridgewater limousine was always very cautious and meticulous about cleanliness of the vehicles but since 2019 when Covid started, we have been taking extreme measures to ensure prevention of the virus.

Our Fleet:

  • Each vehicle of Bridgewater Limousine’s fleet is regularly sanitized and disinfected using sprays and wipes before each ride starts and after each ride ends.
  • Our chaueffeurs carry Hand Sanitizers with them at all times and are advised to use them regularly and in a satisfactory manner.
  • Disinfectant wipes and sanitizers are available for the passengers

Our Chauffeurs:

  • The temperatures of our chauffeurs are checked on a daily basis.
  • Our chauffeurs wear up to standard PPEs
  • Our chauffeurs wear Protective masks and Hand gloves at all times particularly when holding luggage/baggage
  • Our chauffeurs keep a safe distance during the ride especially when picking you up and dropping you off
  • Our chauffeurs are strictly advised that shaking hands is not allowed and the car is thoroughly screened for any leftovers by the last passenger before a new passenger gets in the car.
  • Our chauffeurs sterilize the car after each service ends and before a new one starts
  • Despite all the protective measures that our chauffeurs take, they are going to be the most nicest chauffeurs that you have ever met!

Covid Preventive Shields (Dividers)

  • If our clients requires, we are happy to put up a covid preventive shield between the chauffeur and the customer.

Guidelines for passengers:

  • We recommend and request our passengers to wear a protective mask at all times.
  • We request our clients to not sit in the front seat next to the chauffeur
  • We request our clients to keep a safe distance from the chauffeur when they are picked up and dropped off.

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