Long-Distance Travel (NEMT)

Long-Distance Travel (NEMT)

The need of Long distance NEMT may come up for a number of reasons one of them being that you need to see a doctor who is in another city or state OR you need to visit a hospital/ medical office in a different state or city. What ever the reason might be, Bridgewater Limousine is the best option to consider when you need to travel a long distance for a non emergency medical transport. We ensure that the patient travels safely and comfortably and our vehicles are equipped specifically to ensure the comfort of the patients travelling. BW Limo is available for long distance NEMT in all of NJ or surroundings (Tri-State Area).

Our Caring and professional drivers

BW Limo has well experience, trained and caring Chauffeurs who are professionals in the field of NEMT and they are always keen to help and take good care of the patients. They will be there to assist you in getting settled in the vehicle, help with the luggage and taking care of you by providing a smooth and safe drive. Worry no more about being late because our drivers will ensure you reach on time while keeping the drive smooth and safe.

Long Distance Fleet that ensures comfort

BW Limo owns top of the industry fleet of vehicles which are well maintained, regularly cleaned and sanitized, comfortable and perfect for travelling a long distance. Our different vehicles offer different space and you can either travel alone or take a care-taker with you who can also ride with you as our vehicles offer plenty of comfortable room. Our vehicles are suitable for travelling under any weather conditions e.g snow or rain (which may be faced on the east-coast). Our fleet is up-to standards and will provide you with comfort that you will remember!

Get a reservation for your Long-distance NEMT

Book a ride for a long distance non emergency medical transfer with Bridgewater Limousine and get the best possible service and extremely affordable rates. There are no additional costs so you don’t have to worry about that either. Get a safe n smooth ride with us and have an experience of a life time!

What about pricing?

Don’t worry. We provide very nice deals and the most competative price just for you!
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